More than being a dj, I've began at a very early age as a theatre actor, working in several companies and stages. That has lead to a evolution into writing theatre plays and also theatre directing.

Apart from theatre I also started singing in bands such as "Conto do Vigário" and "Dansa Macabra" and got envolved in the Lisbon underground party scene.

Also, I started performing and help creating whatever I could with the Trash Circus Performance Group.

At some point someone invited me to DJ and I've realized that there was a lack of good DJs playing new music in my hometown. Most of them are still stuck the same music from the 80s and 90s not realizing the world has evolved and there are loads of new great bands and projects.

This realization lead me to start a new project called "Critical Party" with Alcifer (Letícia Contreiras). Playing alternative, industrial and goth music, invinting other performance artists and incorporating them, whenever we could.

At the same time I began creating mixtapes and started broadcasting on Radio Dark Tunnel the Drk in Drk radio show and also my YouTube Channel. I also kept solo djing whenever invited.

In the last few months this project as evolved now to a team effort and we've been rebranding and refocusing in order to expand and grow.

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